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Our story, now with less words so you can get back to the grind! *2020 UPDATED*


So lets keep this short and simple, because lets be honest, no one really wants to be reading a huge story when there is an endless amount of gaming to be done!

Quantum Energy came about because 2 guys from Melbourne Australia got sick and tired of trying to carry around a bulky tub and shakers (<<<this is funny now) for their favorite energy drink. After hours of web surfing and getting spammed by the biggest sugary canned energy drink providers in the world they decided enough was enough and it was time to bring to life a new concept for energy drinks for the gaming scene! Thus QUANTUM ENERGY was born!

Quantum Energy is an easy to use straight out of the tube, sugar free energy drink optimized to meet the needs of the worlds best gamers and esports athletes!  

SO! Here's the latest!

2019 was a hell of a year and I (MattyMac) will start by thanking each and every one of the #QFam for supporting us in such a huge way! Now the main point of all this is to build our story so you can see where we came from. So after our first 6 months in business, we SOLD OUT of our Original effervescent tablets (BTW you guys are NUTS! THANK YOU) This would have been fine because we had plenty of stock on order however, we were unfortunate enough to get a call from our shipping company to let us know that our shipment has FALLEN OFF A SHIP (along with ~86 other containers) this put the breaks on massively and so due to that and a number of other external factors we decided to re-formulate into a powdered energy drink in tubs and use shakers as a device to mix them. Not ideal, but if I'm being honest, no manufacturing company in Australia was willing to even speak to us and the ones that did wanted to RIP us off something shocking. We exhausted every option but here we are. We now have available, energy drink powder, shakers and some SUPER cool premium merch to keep you looking fresh. Whilst it wasn't the exact result we wanted, lets just say that everything happens for a reason and we are absolutely over the moon with our latest product! 2020 brings us some super exciting times as we build this little business and bring all of our Quantum Fam along the way for the ride! Thank you all once again for sticking by us in 2019, expect to see big things from us moving forward, there's no turning back!

If you've made it this far, firstly thanks for reading and apologies for my poor vocabulary and writing skills, this isn't my forte! Secondly, Tweet at me @notmattymac and send me a meme ;)

Much love,

Team Quantum