Where have we been?

by Matthew MacIsaac on January 30, 2020

Where have we been?

So! It’s been a hot minute and we’ve had a few false starts but we’re pleased to finally give you all some information about where we’ve been and what's been going on in the months we’ve been rather silent on socials and discord.

So as I’m sure most of you are aware by now, our replenishment shipment of Quantum energy drink in its effervescent form actually fell off a (along with 85 other containers) a cargo ship somewhere just off the coast of Sydney. That was the first of many hurdles we ran into. Our first thought was okay, its insured so were sweet, we’ll just order more and get it express shipped over to Melbourne, yes it would cost a little more but it was something we were willing to absorb so ensure that all of our supporters wouldn't go without. Once we finally were able to get back into contact with our manufacturer they informed us that due to increasing cost of materials to make the tablets that they were going to double our minimum order requirement. This unfortunately was something that we just could not absorb as it literally doubled plus some of the cost and we were already out of pocket for the lost shipment that was pending investigation.

So back to the drawing board we went to once again look for an Australian manufacturer that wasn't going to have a minimum requirement that would cost us $60k+. This proved much harder than we thought as Australian manufacturing companies are VERY slow to respond to any form of communication so we had no choice but to wait at times for weeks just to get a response which 95% of the time wasn't a good response. We then decided to change things up and head in the direction of getting the same formula but in a powder. This once again was no easy road again contacting around 40+ manufacturers to see if they would be able to produce the powder that we were after. This didn't bear any fruit until mid November when we finally got an instant email response AND a phone call from a manufacturer that was willing to work with us and didn't have an insane minimum order quantity (MOQ).

We finally found the right way to go and had a fantastic manufacturer on board that could help us bring to life the new Quantum Energy product. This in itself has been a process and then throw in Christmas and New Years celebrations it really went super fast and we didn't quite get as far along as we would have liked.

That brings us to today, Friday 30th January 2020. Right now as you read this, we are in full swing manufacturing stage which includes a new label design and a brand new fresh product that were not going to tell you what flavor it is just yet...haha...All we will leave you with right now is a sneak peak of the new tub/label and that within the next 6 weeks we will be re-launching bigger and better than ever with a goal to, by the end of the year have approximately 4-6 flavors as well as a number of other cool products and sponsorship's to celebrate. 

We apologize for the delay but just know that we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you guys an amazing Australian made and owned product that will blow your freaking minds! 

Stay tuned, the next few weeks are going to be exciting as we start to release more and more details and perhaps even a cheeky pre-sale!

Thank you all so much for sticking by us in Discord, Twitter posts and DM’s we 110% appreciate every single one of you guys so much and it just gives us so much confidence that we have the most amazing support behind us to really have a good crack at this! 

Much love, MattyMac and Juzzy




Please note that GRAPE is NOT the new flavor and the actual design is still to be finalized.