Meet Wrists

by Jayden Harding on July 31, 2020

Who are you? IRL and gamer Tag?

Josh or Wrists.

What platforms do you create content on?

I mainly use YouTube but stream on Twitch every now and then! 

What is your all-time favourite game?

Oof, this is a hard one! I’m going to cheat a bit here. Favourite single play game Zelda Ocarina Of Time, favourite multiplayer game Black Ops 2!

If you could be one video game character who would it be and why?

It’d have to be Majoras Mask Link as he could put on a mask and gain the abilities of the other characters within the game. 

Where would you like to be in 1 year?

This is a really hard question, ideally I’d love to be doing this as a career and making a living off of this as this is my dream. 

What or who got you into gaming?

I remember my brother would always play his gameboy and would never give me a turn the same with his N64, until my parents got me a PS2 on my birthday and I played the hell out of Kingdom Hearts.

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?

I’ve been a huge fan of Quantum ever since the beginning, I know the struggle Matty and the boys at Quantum went through. Honestly the wait was worth it, 2 great flavours and plenty more to come! 

What is 1 piece of advice for someone starting out?

DON'T LOOK AT THE NUMBERS. Create content because you love creating content, don’t do it with the aim of instantly making it a career as you’ll get too caught up in the numbers and burn yourself out.

What is your favourite content creation moment?

My favourite moment would have to be when I was about to hit level 1000 for the first time on any Call of Duty game, I had 60+ viewers and had subs and donos coming in left and right was honestly amazing to have that support.

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why?

Honestly would have to be Sam or Stoitify he’s probably one of the only creators where I’ll watch his video right through. He does an amazing job editing and is extremely entertaining.

What is your favourite gaming snack?

Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming?

Would have to be, spending time with my amazing girlfriend Kate, watching random stuff on netflix.

Where can people find you?