Meet Leisha

by Quantum Energy on May 17, 2019

Who are you? IRL and gamer Tag

Elisha/Leisha/Leisha/El/Smelly (aren’t cousins great)


Med student by day, variety streamer by night! Campaign manager for MC esports (with our main topic of focus at the moment being mental health and charities dedicated to it) and co-creator of GroupUp (a community for worldwide collaboration and friendship, inspiring each other to grow in any creative aspect)

What platforms do you create content on?

Twitch is the main platform, I have recently started making twitch stream highlights that I upload to youtube every fortnight(ish)

What is your all-time favourite game?

Definitely Skyrim. Who doesn’t love being a cat who owns a house literally full of cats (thanks modders) running around a giant fictional world shooting deer for their antlers to make my house pretty. Oh and dragons, but I run from them unless there’s someone like J’zargo to distract them while I shoot at them from afar

If you could be one video game character who would it be and why?

Lara Croft. She cute, she smart, she funny AND she can climb rocks while I struggle to climb stairs. Who doesn’t love a good Lara. Lara from the new series though, I LOVE Camilla Luddington, I was so excited when I saw it was her playing Lara. For my birthday stream in 2018 I cosplayed as Lara and I would love to do it again!

Where would you like to be in 1 year?

Not repeating 3rd year of med looooooool

But also just a bigger part of the ANZ gaming community, and doing huge amazing things for both MC and GroupUp!

What or who got you into gaming?

From like 5 I watched my brother play Age of Empires 2 and loved it, and always played Monopoly on his PlayStation when he wasn’t home. I started playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on PC and golly gosh was it hard, I could never figure out how to get past the Whomping Willow. My parents got me a PS2, and after school my best friend would come home with me and we would eat cheese toasties, or “specials” as we called them, and play Shrek 2 coop. We were once stuck on a level and the answer came to me in a dream and I was so excited to tell her the next day! She thought I was crazy. During high school I didn’t play as much until a friend introduced me to Skyrim and I fell in love. I never finished it originally because I was playing on a MacBook Pro and that is not ideal for frames. During uni I found some gaming youtubers I enjoyed and they happened to stream on Twitch so I went and checked it out to see what it was about. Not long after Fallout 4 was released and I made some of the best friends through streams of it and convinced my mum to let me get it for my birthday. About 2 years after joining Twitch as a viewer I got an urge to try streaming randomly one day and have been in love since. Being in Australia with conveniently NEVER BEING IN A PLACE WITH NBN has been a struggle quality wise, but I still love it and wouldn’t drop it for the world. Now I play a bit of everything, from Apex to Skyrim to Tropico 6, and enjoy hanging out with my amazing community <3

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?

It’s actually so good omg. It’s so easy just to have a little pill to pop into some water and you’re done! Plus it tastes amazing and is a good price with fast shipping!

What is 1 piece of advice for someone starting out?

Whatever you do, so it because you love it. From gaming to streaming to esports to communities, be a part of what you want and be there because you want to be there. Don’t start streaming just to become an affiliate or a partner, start it because you love playing games and interacting with your community and new people. Network with others and make friends! They always have the best advice on things. Take opportunities, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as much as you feel comfortable doing. But ALWAYS look after yourself physically and mentally. Don’t stream too long without taking breaks, remember real world commitments and don’t become run down and anxious/depressed because you don’t want to take time off and lose viewers. You come first. You health comes first.

What is your favourite content creation moment?

When you succeed in a part of a game and everyone is so hyped, it just makes it feel all the more amazing! Viewers are the real hype pros, especially if you’re like me and fail a lot at games

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why?

Neekems and thisnancy. They are my streamer idols and who I look to when reflecting on myself. There are absolutely amazing women who care so much about their community and also provide amazing content at the same time. I love going into their streams and saying hi and chatting and feeling like I’m home

What is your favourite gaming snack?

Doritos definitely. Not ideal for mic sounds tho

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming?

Nap, sometimes music things, but definitely nap. Oh and play with my kitten, but also nap with him.

Who outside of gaming do you look up to as a role model or idol?

My mum. All she does is care for others. She spends most of her time travelling around to look after the grandchildren, or an older relative, or come to see me and take care of the cat. I was struggling with mental health in 2017 and she came and lived with me for 6 months while I was recovering, sleeping on some mattresses from Clark rubber on my lounge room floor and making sure I ate. Every winter she goes and spends 3 months up north with my brother, helping my sister-in-law look after the boys and doing work around the house. She does too much for others and needs to look after herself, but I think her way of doing that is by doing things for others.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

37.5 chucks

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