Meet LAN

by Jayden Harding on August 21, 2020

Who are you? IRL and gamer Tag
Ian Michael Seaton - “LAN”.

What platforms do you create content on?, Twitter & Facebook.

What is your all-time favourite game?
Megaman battle network, Destiny 2.

If you could be one video game character who would it be and why?
Probably my Warlock from Destiny 2, Fire Sword go SKRRRRRT.

Where would you like to be in 1 year?
Honestly, I’m aiming for Shadownet staff to be on full time salaries and working from an office. Obviously that’s a long way to go for a small org like us that’s not even a year old yet - but we’re making large strides and I’m excited to see where we go with this.

What or who got you into gaming?
My cousin, he introduced me to his gameboy, and it was all down hill from there LOL.

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?
My package hasn’t arrived yet, but my players who have tried it seem to be in love! Can’t wait for mine to arrive in NZ.

What is 1 piece of advice for someone starting out?
Take a leap of faith but never, ever, ever get comfortable. Always be critical with yourself and understand that if you fail today - you can improve on it for tomorrow, but only if you know WHY you failed.

What is your favourite content creation moment?
When I’m in the podcast studio at Playtech, broadcasting LIVE - only beaten by the thrill of commentating esports broadcasts around the globe.

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why?
Dr. Disrespect, the guy has his production down to a T and he knows EXACTLY what he’s delivering, the man is a SCIENTIST and his stream persona along with his presentation is SURGICAL.

What is your favourite gaming snack?
A spoon full of peanut butter and frozen blueberry’s, healthy, full of energy and vitamins and guilt free.

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming?
GYM. LIFT SOME HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS. Gotta keep the mind strong, to make these gaming gains real. Living a healthy lifestyle is imperative to the amount of game binging and work I do, without staying fit my physical and mental health would be all over the place.

Who outside of gaming do you look up to as a role model or idol?
My Grandpa, everything I do, is to make him proud so that he can rest easy knowing I put my best foot forward for the future of our family. If you ever met him - you’d know he’s got the craziest aura of respect that is given to him by everyone around him. I love him to the bone.

Where can people find you? 
Twitch/twitter/instagram/facebook: @Lanshadownet