Meet JessicaLuna

by Jayden Harding on September 11, 2020

Who are you? 

I'm Jessica Luna - I go by Luna or NightmareMoon in games <3.

What platforms do you create content on?

I'm currently using Twitch, Instagram and Twitter the most at the moment but I have big plans for YouTube and TikTok soon.

What is your all-time favourite game?

Borderlands 2 broke my brain! An emotional roller-coaster in such a beautiful world with incredible characters.

If you could be one video game character who would it be and why? Master Chief. Cuz he's Master Chief.

Where would you like to be in 1 year?

I'm recently a full time content creator and my goals for 1 year from now is to have a bigger and more established network of fellow content creators to make content with.

What or who got you into gaming?

I started playing Gameboy and PS1 from a super young age - so I guess my mum got me into gaming.

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?

Gaming energy drinks are such a brilliant idea. I drink a lot of pre workout to get stuff done (including gaming) but there's a really huge spike and crash so I'm really happy it addresses that issue and berry flavour is so good!

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why? Robbaz! An adorable and witty Swedish YouTuber and streamer who plays a lot of indie games. He also does a bunch of Swedish cooking videos and I just love all of it!

What is your favourite gaming snack? I always have a tub full of spicy beef jerky on my desk for when I'm streaming and gaming.

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming? I'm a cosplayer! I have the eternal struggle of having to choose between playing the games or making the costumes from the games.  

Where can people find you?