Meet Deanie_13

by Quantum Energy on April 19, 2019


Who are you? IRL and gamer Tag    

IRL my names Daniel, I’m a 33yo warehouse manager from Tasmania, Australia.

In the virtual world I go by the Gamer Tag deanie_13, this is a name/tag I’ve had since I was around 12yo fair to say it stuck lol.


What platforms do you create content on?

I’m a PC Gamer (PC Master Race) currently casually streaming on Twitch as an Affiliate, however I do plan to produce extra content through YouTube in the future.


What is your all-time favourite game?

My all-time favourite game…..Hmmm that is a tough one, I think for me it would have to be Sonic the Hedgehog (lol) I grew up on consoles before transitioning over to PC and Sega was a big part of my younger years as a kid.


If you could be one video game character who would it be and why?

Myself! Like seriously how cool would it be to have a character in a game modelled after yourself?

Where would you like to be in 1 year?

One day I would love to make streaming a full time job, I really enjoy playing video games and communicating with my community. So I guess for me in a year’s time I would like to see that my community has grown, that people are still enjoying the content I create and that I’m on the way to making the dream a reality.

What or who got you into gaming?

This would have to be a family friend, when I was a kid I remember playing the game Paper Boy a lot on their commodore64, man does that make me sound old.

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?

Honestly I love it! I have tried many of supplements over the years but none have compared. Having zero sugar is a big plus for me, when spending long hrs at the computer I know I’m not putting unhealthy liquids into my body.

What is 1 piece of advice for someone starting out?

Biggest piece of advice I could give (because this still applies to myself) would be: DO NOT worry about your viewer count, those numbers will rise over time. Concentrate on building your brand, network - be present on social media and get to know other streamers. People need to learn who you are then they will come and those numbers will start to rise.

What is your favourite content creation moment?

The first time I streamed for sure. I was nervous as hell but decided I’m going to play the game anyways, why not let others watch and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why?

It is hard to name just one, I have many favourites. I think just to name 1 of each it would be KingGeorgeTV on Twitch as I am a massive fanboy of Rainbow6 Siege atm both watching and streaming it myself. To be able to watch someone of his skill set is just amazing and handy for learning tricks and strats. For a Youtuber that’s hands down PC419, not only am I gamer I am also a PC enthusiast and enjoy building them myself. They’re a great little Australian tech review company and I love to support home grown content.

What is your favourite gaming snack?

Quantum and Doritos, KFC also works.

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming?

I and my wife had our first child 6 months ago, a little girl we named Lola. Watching her grow and learn every day is just amazing, spending my time with them both would easily be my favourite thing to do outside of gaming.

Who outside of gaming do you look up to as a role model or idol?

My Dad 100% (May he RIP)

Growing up we were never richest family but never stopped my Dad from providing for us all. He worked very hard and made a lot of sacrifices so we could get the things we needed/wanted. Now that I’m a Dad myself I try to do the same for my family.

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