Meet Apples

by Quantum Energy on May 03, 2019

Who are you? IRL and gamer Tag.

My name is Rachelle (Ra-shell), but I'm known pretty well both online and in person as "apples" aka applesyooo.

I'm 22, live in Townsville, QLD. I'm a tournament organiser, freelance esports caster, streamer, wife and student.

What platforms do you create content on?

Most used platform is definitely PC. I do try to cater for my viewers on console and whip out the good ol' PS4 occasionally.

What is your all-time favourite game?

All time favourite game would have to be Mortal Kombat 3 on the Megadrive. One of the very first games I played as a kid. My parents were amazing!

If you could be one video game character who would it be and why?

This is probably one of the hardest questions I've been asked. I would opt for Yuna from Final Fantasy. She is a kick-ass summoner who uses healing magic, can summon powerful magic entities and spent 2 years searching for her love, Tidus. What's not to love?

Where would you like to be in 1 year?

I'd like to be partnered on Twitch, still running tournaments (only bigger and better) and have the same amazing community I've got now around in 12 months when I've grown and continue to grow.

What or who got you into gaming?

My parents. They owned one of the first game-trade stores, so we had and knew how to play gaming consoles before we could walk. Unfortunately they closed it down whilst I was still young, but I'm blessed to have grown up with such awesome parents.

What do you think of Quantum Energy Drink?

I love it! Not only is it delicious, but it also gives me that energy kick I need!

What is 1 piece of advice for someone starting out?

Be yourself. I can't say this enough, but being yourself and staying true to that is one of the most important things. I can't tell you how amazing it is seeing and hearing people enjoying, laughing and just genuinely being entertained by you being yourself. A lot of people tone back or change their personality as streamers, I just think it's amazing to see people stay true to themselves.

What is your favourite content creation moment?

I have way too many to choose from... evey night a new exciting moment happens. From getting a new follower to seeing my regular viewers, these are all super special to me.

Who is your favourite streamer or YT'er? And why?

Not recognised enough for his work or having to put up with me as a mod, but yo_boy_roy. He is a Rainbow Six Siege content creator on both Twitch and YouTube. He is what peaked my interest in the game. Now I've been in teams as manager, helped teams out by being a coach and also casted Pro-League for the SEA region, I can't thank him enough for his series in the mind of a diamond.

What is your favourite gaming snack?

Anything I can find usually. Lately I've been loving Gym Food Australia & Popcorn!

What's your favourite thing to do outside gaming?

Spend time with my husband, family and two cats!

Who outside of gaming do you look up to as a role model or idol?

My mum.

She is the most hard-working, caring, kind and loving soul you'll ever meet. She works day in day out to provide for the family and she is always the first one to drop anything when someone needs her. Not only is she the most thoughtful and kind person, she is a bloody amazing mother. There's three of us kids, who all lead very different lives but none of our success would come without her and Dad. We were taught to always love, admire and show affection for each other, one of the things that is definitely missing growing up in a technology based world. The love I have for my parents is indescribable.

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